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If you have hyperpigmentation problems like age spots, melasma, liver spots, chloasma and uneven skin tone due to overproduction of melanin, then laser skin whitening is the solution. To diminish the appearance of dark spots, this skin whitening treatment is performed by removing the upper layer of the skin using a laser beam. In the process, it heats the underlying dermis hence stimulating the growth of new skin cells. Learn how to get rid of unsightly dark spots and other skin problems with this type of skin whitening therapy.

Types of procedure available

There are two distinct ways to lighten your skin with laser skin whitening namely ablative laser resurfacing and non-ablative laser resurfacing. The ablative procedure removes the top layers of your skin using the ablative lasers by vaporizing the affected tissue. Non-ablative procedure stimulates cells to rejuvenate your skin and to thicken collagen using the non-ablative lasers which penetrate into the skin without damaging it.


How does the procedure work?

Image result for There are two distinct ways to lighten your skin with laser skin whitening namely ablative laser resurfacing and non-ablative laser resurfacing.

The procedure works by breaking down a part of melanin into microelements which are expelled later by the body through circulation, natural defense, and excretory systems. The melanin first forms a thin dark crust on the skin due to the concentrated beam of light. It will gradually shed or flake with time depending on the intensity of the melanin content and also the area. To see some visible results, one would require going for 3-5 laser sessions. The therapy might take some time to recover, and therefore you should put this into consideration before scheduling for the surgery. Non-ablative procedures have faster recovery times of at least one week while ablative procedures may take 2-3 weeks.


Advantages of laser skin whitening

  1. Fast Results.

Related imageOther treatments could take months on end before they show results, but that’s not the case with laser skin whitening. You could get a fairer skin within two weeks, and your skin will appear softer and brighter as you proceed. This remedy is ideal for those who desire a glowy and radiant look for important life events like festivities, marriages and much more.

  1. It works.

Related imageSome skin whitening products promise tall claims on lightening skin tones which may not be true, but people who have tried laser skin whitening report good results. Laser technology has proven to work on dark spots and other skin problems positively. It finally gives the patient a brighter looking skin tone when the procedure is performed under the right medical guidance.

  1. Professional Advise.

Image result for consult doctorPatients undergoing laser resurfacing get the right professional advice and medical guidance from a certified doctor. This surveillance minimizes risks, and in case complications arise, trained experts will be able to assist in rectifying the problems.

Laser skin treatment could help those suffering from low self-esteem due to being self conscious about skin problems. Although laser procedures accomplish multiple goals like creating a more even complexion and lightening your skin, you should be aware that there are also disadvantages of to undergoing the procedure. There are side effects such as prolonged swelling and redness. The cost of performing this treatment is also expensive. Other risks include; increased sensitivity to sun exposure, minor breakouts, recurrence of skin problems and mild pain at the affected area afterward.

If you’re in Singapore and you’re interested in beauty treatments, you should consider discussing your cosmetic goals with a trusted dermatologist before deciding on this procedure to achieve your desired goals.